Experiments and Inspiration


A place for experiments, animations, treatments and just things I like in general.  Probably going to be the most interesting page on my site if all goes according to plan.


You Sneeze, you lose w/ Cody Swinkels

Milky Eyes

Milky Eyes aka Donato Sansone makes some of the weirdest wildest stuff I've seen.  Check out his vimeo page for more. Definitely NSFW.

Blink Mirror for Blink-155

Re-created the black mirror style titles in After Effects for the guys at the Blink 155 podcast.

AE Type exp. 1 - Entrepreneurial Influencer.

Used Red Giant MIR for patterns and texture, and some fractal displacement maps. And vector blurs. Music by Luke Steinmann.

Before and After. Three easy payments!

Excerpt from Jim Henson's Timepiece (1965)

Pete Weber, the inspiration. The legend.

Couple Cuties.


Dead Bread.