James Barry's work portfolio, demo reel and other things.

James Barry grew up filming skateboarding with his friends. Then he worked in Advertising doing design work for some big brands. Then he started filming stuff again.  His abilities include: Art direction, cinematography, directing, post-production - editing, SFX, practical FX, grading, title design, motion graphics, animation, compositing, sound design, kickflips and really bad jokes.


James is a Canadian filmmaker currently working in Berlin. Here's a selection of some recent work.


James's abilities include:

All aspects of film/video production including cinematography, art direction, pre-production, directing, post-production - editing, SFX, practical FX, grading, title design, motion graphics, animation, compositing, sound design, kickflips & really bad jokes.   I'm also pretty decent at photography, photoshop and interface design.

I am currently looking for opportunities to collaborate.  I am also available for freelance projects, travel, on-site contract work, and full-time creative work and content production.

Select Client's list:

BLAM Studio, Critical Mass Agency, 24/7 films, The Glenbow Museum, Notch Agency, Alberta Treasury Branch, Sled Island Music Festival, fairgoods.com, CAMP festival, Harley-Davidson, Scion, the PEAK/WILD radio station, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.


Select Projects

My portfolio is currently being updated, check back soon for more work, or click this link to see more.


EVVOL 'SFTBH (Rollin')

I designed and animated titles and did the color grading for Wilkosz & Way's music video for EVVOL's 'Song for the Broken Hearted (Rollin')'.

Role: Motion Graphics, Grading.

  The video recently premiered on COMPLEX.


Young Drunk Punk Reel

Young Drunk Punk was a broadcast TV show created by Bruce McCulloch, of Kids in the Hall Fame. We were hired to create some supporting online content.  We needed to create some DIY home movies from the show's two main characters, Ian and Shinky. We created 13 episodes that were uploaded to CityTV and CBC's sites in sync with the live episodes on broadcast TV.

Role: Cinematography, Directing, Sound, Motion Graphics, Editing, Grading.

YDP playlist on Youtube  |  imdb


Polar Perspectives at Glenbow

Some subtle cinemagraphs using historic photos created for the Glenbow Museum, to help promote an exhibition featuring Canada's first professional female photographer and her husband's work during their time in Canada’s Arctic North (1903-1909).

Role: Motion Graphics, Grading, Sound.



CAMP Festival Highlights

A highlights reel created to showcase CAMP, Calgary's creative arts and technology festival.

Role: Cinematography, Interviews, Sound, Motion Graphics, Editing, Grading.



A Seat at our Table Series

We managed and produced a nine month web series in Collaboration with ATB Financial, featuring top Alberta Chefs & Farmers working together to showcase what Alberta has to offer.

Role: Production Management, Cinematography,  Interviews, Sound, Motion Graphics, Editing, Grading.



Project Wild Artist Development

Working with Alberta Music and a local radio station we produced an online series that followed and showcased local hopeful music talent as they learned about breaking into the industry and competed to win $100K.

Role: Planning, Art Direction, Cinematography, Sound, Directing, Editing, Grading, Motion Graphics, Title Design.

Click here to check out all the content.


$100 Film Festival

I was asked to create a trailer for CSIF's 24th annual $100 film festival (now artifact film festival.)

Role: Editing, Motion graphics, Title Design & Animation.



Sled Island Music Festival

The Sled Island Festival got flooded and had to shut down early in 2013, so for our 2014 recap video we created a swamp/party creature that emerges from the river, and we follow his journey as he parties his way through the festival.

Role: Cinematography, Costume Design, Sound, Title Design, Motion Graphics, Editing, Grading.


‘Adrian Martinus’

A short film that tells the story of two craftsmen brothers, Adrian & Martinus, who make furniture and other things out of old skateboards. Parts of their process maybe be considered morally questionable to some.

Role: Script-writer, director, producer, cinematographer, post-production, sound design.

Adrian & Martinus make beautiful one of a kind pieces out of recycled skateboards. Check out more of their work here: adrianmartinus.com


Scion Sessions

We were approached by Scion to create a music video for Dominic Pierce's Vertical Feel.

Role: Cinematography, Title Design, Editing, Grading.



Harley-Davidson Freedom Jacket

We were asked to create a video that told the 'freedom story' of Jan Hudec, a Canadian downhill ski racer. This was included as part of a global Harley-Davidson campaign that followed their ‘freedom jacket’ around the world.

Role: Cinematography, Editing, Grading, Animation.

Currently updating my site - Check back soon for more work or click this link to see more.


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