Berlin Comedy Series


I want to make a series of short whatever-the-fucks produced in collaboration with Berlin comedians.

Now here’s a page full of text about it because i know you all love reading :)


I’m James. I’m from Canada, I’m mostly a lil’ bitch but I pretend I’m not most of the time. I grew up skateboarding, filming, etc. I ran a film production company in Canada for 4 years called Ramble Films with someone equally as stupid as myself, and we somehow did ok with it. Now I live in Berlin and I’m super productive and people from back in Canada worry about me quietly from time to time. You can see some of my previous work here.



Like I said above with the big text, I want to make some fun/weird/whatever episodes with each one being ‘directed’ by different comedians in Berlin. Each episode will be in total maybe 5-10 minutes. A collaboration between me and you (assuming you’re a funny person) and some of your friends if you want to involve them, whatever you want boss. I would like to make 1 a month.

The rules are:

  1. Anything goes. I really want to make some super original out there shit. Whatever you wanna make, we’re gonna make it. Feel free to involve as many of your friends as possible in the planning stages. Hollywood blockbuster, art film, documentary, mockumentary, drama, sci-fi, cutlery reviews, that whispery thing people are doing now, whatever. Bigger concepts will be more work but I’m happy to figure it out. Let’s make shit you want to make. You are all now Berlin based creative directors, god help us.

  2. No being babies. I am doing this for fun. I want these to be good but I don’t want anyone to take this more seriously than you would as an 11 year old kid making handicam vids with your friends. Keine drama bitte.

  3. It’s a collaboration. I can produce most things at a professional(ish) level, but we’ll need support most of the time. Locations, extra sets of hands to hold mics, art, costumes maybe, whatever you’re cookin’ up. Pre-production is key to make sure we get some of that sweet gravy, baby!

My intentions with this project are purely for fun and creativity’s sake. I’m not hoping to try and leverage anything to get money or some sort of deal or anything like that. If I can get some sponsorship to help pay for some time that would be zuper geil but I have no expectation of that ever really happening and I don’t think that I’ll be actively seeking it out.


I’ve been to a lot of english comedy shows here and it’s a strange and wonderful very international world. I don’t think there’s a scene like it anywhere else. I’m also sick of working on advertising trash really, I’m itching to make some independent stuff. I have all the equipment I need to do something professional, and I really like comedy and comedians - They’re usually creative, insightful, sometimes funny and occasionally bat-shit crazy.

what I like

Here’s stuff I like in no particular order. You also don’t have to like it, but it’s good to know where I’m coming from in terms of inspiration.

…plus other stuff and u know, whatever.

how it’s gonna work

We meet up, talk about ideas, figure out what we need to make it happen. We can meet up a few times to hash things out if needed. Getting a couple of extra heads in the room can be good for bouncing ideas around. Then we do all the pre-production, plan the shoot days & what we’ll need, shoot, then edit & release. If people are liking them I might see about throw lil’ launch parties for them, maybe watch a few in a row when they’re complete.

Keep yer fackin’ stick on the ice. K cheers right on! Looking forward to make some shit with u phreaks. Also yous can email me at if you’re excited or feeling weird or whatever.